Ex-Soldier. Artist. Scholar. Healer.

On one fateful night during the summer of 2014, I experienced a very profound and powerful spiritual awakening where it completely changed the entire course of my life. It was from that experience, that I found my unwavering faith in God—knowing that we are all connected, that we all affect each other, and to know not only that each and every one of us carries a special contribution to this planet, but also a very specific purpose.

It was that night thereafter, that my faith would be tested again, and again, and again; changing my profession, changing my diet to plant-based foods, completely quitting drugs and alcohol, and last but not least, experiencing a fateful encounter with whom I thought to be my Twin Flame (or at least someone very, very close to that level). It was ultimately from our separation, from that heartbreak, which veered me into what many call The Dark Night of The Soul.


That process took about four years; where I experienced such states of deep and dark depression—from which I thought (on some nights) I would never come back. But from time-to-time, by recalling that one fateful night many years ago, I realized that I was never alone in this journey. My faith in God, in people, and in myself, kept me going. And so I sought help, in whatever way that my soul was yearning for; whether I'd be through coaching, through counseling, through hypnotherapy, through friends, family, and even finding another Soulmate who made me realize that I was worthy of such a thing, and to know that I could love again. To be happy—personally and professionally, and be purposeful again.

And because I've received so much help from so many people in my own journey, I want to do the same and finally give back. To give back and to serve others who are currently going through their own trials and tribulations. This journey for me, ultimately spawned an enormous amount of care and compassion for others going through the same "tests;" whose suffering, complexity, and hopelessness may find themselves back into full circle—to awaken themselves into their own path, their purpose, and to their destiny.

So if you are somehow drawn and guided to be here, know that you never alone; and there is always help if you ask for it.

The best is yet to come.


Based on my personal and professional experience, the population of my clientèle (and the magnetic connection that I have with them), I would say that my areas of interest and/or client focus would be certain areas that I've listed below.


Relationships — Working with Twin Flames, Higher-Level Soulmates, and understanding Karmic Relationships.

Inner Work — Helping to awaken one's self-worth, self-exploration, and self-actualization.

Shadow Work — Overcoming obstacles/setbacks, abundance blockages, karmic lessons, and cyclical patterns of addictions/dependency.

Mental Health — Serving others on a holistic level; especially those (previously) diagnosed with bipolar and/or depressive disorders.

• Manifestation — Maximizing your potential (personally and professionally) via working through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma.


• Ascension Process — Assisting all initiates currently navigating to the path of spirituality, consciousness, and ascension.


Master of Science in Professional Counseling, Grand Canyon University

Level-1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy

Behavioral Health Technician, Relias Healthcare and Performance Solutions

Certification in Life Coaching, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Digital Production, Miami International University of Art and Design

Art History and Humanities, University of Maryland University College

Aircraft Armament Systems Technology, Community College of the Air Force

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