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Carlo John is a Certified Life Coach, Therapist, and QHHT® Practitioner;

serving those not only in recovery—but in search for their purpose, and the life they truly want.

Carlo can provide you with three unique sessions of Life Coaching, Recovery Coaching, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠;

all meeting your specific needs, finding answers to the deepest parts of yourself, along with figuring out what works for you.

You pick and choose! All are customized and personalized to promote your own personal growth;
revealing insights, creating goals, utilizing resources, and strategizing your options to better fit your decision-making process.

All sessions are also 100% confidential,

and non-disclosure agreements are available upon request.


Coaching is all about empowerment, inspiration, and complete freedom;

where we can discuss anything and everything—finding solutions (from short-term to long-term goals) to life's most difficult challenges.

With Recovery Coaching as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy and/or clinical counseling, Carlo can empower and support you

to overcoming addictions, substance abuse, and attaining sobriety; at your own time, at your own pace, and at your own discretion.

With Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠, we can even go deeper than that; accessing the Subconscious,

the Higher Self, the Higher Mind, and even into the Superconscious—recalling past lives, receiving instantaneous healing, progressing into future timelines, and even attaining priceless insights from the ethereal, the nonpareil, and the beyond.

If there's one thing you can take away from all of this, it's that—the purpose of all healing and recovery,

no matter what type of modality it is, "is to set people free." (Rollo May).


On his YouTube channel, he hosts The Crossover—an interactive and episodic talk show

discussing all things ascension, consciousness, and spirituality.

Carlo also shares his QHHT sessions; a way for his clients

to share their stories, help others heal, and ultimately grow and learn from each other.


Carlo John is an amazing young man. He was the warmest, kindest soul that I have met in a long time. He allowed me to feel comfortable and safe expressing myself. He taught me things that only HE could teach. He is wiser than I could have imagined. Carlo John listens and assists you to find the answers from within. He does this in his own sweet and special way!

Anastacia, from Miami.


I have been receiving therapy sessions with Carlo for about a year and half now, and all I have to say is nothing but wonderful things about him as a professional. His inviting presence, a person who is easy to talk to, and willingness to have unconditional empathy—really helped me to be comfortable expressing my thoughts and emotions. As I shared my thoughts, I knew right away he was invested in what I had to say which made me feel valued as an individual.


I also want to express my gratitude on his life skills, education, and experiences. His effective communication skills, and his optimistic viewpoints of life is a breath of fresh air every time I visit him. He has challenged my thinking; which in return has given me a strong sense of hope for future decisions to come. Overall, if you want someone who is ready to bring the best out of you, definitely consider Carlo to be on your team. 


Ben, from Buckeye.


Opening up yourself to another human being is a difficult task, yet a worthy one. Thanks to Carlo’s commitment to listen, learn about you and take your hand towards positive change and understanding, I have never looked back after the sessions I have had with him.

These sessions have included hypnosis, life coaching and laughter; three elements that have shaped me as a human being from the brain to the heart. Carlo’s input has changed my life. I believe, and know, it will change yours as well.

Mateo, from Miami.


I was pleased by how well he held space and gave me guidance through my session with him. He is pleasant in demeanor and very skilled in what he does as a Life Coach. I look forward to having more sessions with him. I highly recommend his services if you are looking to have guidance in how you think about your thoughts and receive guidance in creating your own personal action steps to get what you want out of life.

Eric, from Tampa.


Hi, Carlo. You showed me that you are a dedicated life coach and truly care about me. You always gave me praise and made me feel good about myself because you were able to show me the true you and identify with my feelings. You were always open and nonjudgmental.

I really like your sense of humor as well and your carefree attitude. It made me feel at ease so I was able to trust you easily. Thank you for always asking potent questions to really get down to the heart of the matter. I also like that you are open to other's perspectives which has helped me enhance acceptance into my life. I truly hope we can stay in contact and celebrate each other's successes in the future. Many blessings and Aloha to you.

Andrea, from Oahu.



Your safety, trust, and partnership are all very important to me; 

and it is my life's work to help you reach your greatest potential.


As a coach, therapist, and hypnotherapist, it brings me great fulfillment to be of service to others;

as we all have a purpose—and we all can make a difference for ourselves and for each other. 


Sometimes though, we all need help navigating through the difficult parts of our lives,

but know you don't have to do it alone.

You don't have to surrender—you don't have to be ashamed,

but you can be free.

You deserve all the happiness and all the opportunities that life can offer you,

because there is always help if you ask for it.

Much love.


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