Meaning and Purpose

Past and Future Lives

Soulmates and Relationships


 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (or QHHT®) is a revolutionary tool developed by Dolores Cannon.

From her tireless work as an author, teacher, and a world-renowned hypnotherapist,

spanning 45 years of working with thousands and thousands of clients,

not only can we access the deepest part of ourselves—through the Subconscious (or the SC, the Higher Self, the Higher Mind),

but also receiving instantaneous healing, recalling past-life regressions, future-life progressions, paragressions,

and even attaining invaluable insights from the ethereal, the nonpareil, and the beyond The Other Side.

Through QHHT®—and having a direct access your SC, or the Higher Self, you get to answer your own questions.


This process will approximately take about 4-5 hours.

In the 1st hour, I will conduct a counseling session with you. This is just to introduce yourself and to also establish why you are seeking a session with me. During this time as well, please feel free to share with me anything and everything that you feel is important to share; so I can have a better idea in navigating you throughout this whole process.

In the 2nd hour, we will do the technical preparations. We will go over all of your questions while prioritize them, along with an equipment check of our sound recording, testing the microphones for sound levels, setting up where we will both be, and re-arranging any furniture if need be.

A bathroom break is mandatory before this point.

In the 3rd-4th hour, we will have the actual session. You will be taken to (at least) three different scenarios. Afterwards, I will connect to your SC or the Higher Self, the Higher Mind, and ask the questions we have discussed (organized and prioritized) from the 2nd hour. Once the questions have been answered, I will bring you back and end the session.

After the session, we will do a post-session analysis; which we will get to talk about what you just experience. I will also check the recording and transfer the recording to you directly (if you have a laptop or a desktop computer). This should take about 30 minutes or so.


All sessions must be done in-person (in or around Phoenix, Arizona).


Based on the COVID-19 safety protocols and precautions, I currently do not facilitate any sessions in my residence. I only do house calls at this time—meaning, it has to be done at your home residence (via home-based sessions). Alternatively, the session can also take place at another residence (with their permission), a hotel, an Airbnb, or a similar setting where it is safe and quiet for you to do the session in. No matter the location, the safety and the comfortability for my clients always come first to me.

If you are coming out-of-state, however, I would recommend staying at a hotel (or equivalent), and also somewhere preferably close to my residence. A 45-minute drive to your location would be my maximum length of travel time.

In terms of attire, please wear comfortable clothing at the time of the session.

This helps with the circulation, the blood flow, and the comfortability when clients are under hypnosis.

Please refrain from using any drugs, medications, and/or any supplements that will spike or elevate your energy levels; possibly hindering you from being able to relax—thereby, risking your ability to be under or staying under hypnosis. Depending on some clients and their tolerance level as well, other stimulants (such as caffeine) may not be recommended.

If you have a medical condition, it is especially important that you share this with me—so I will carefully consider all of our options and varying ways to help cater to you and your specific needs.

Sessions are scheduled around the afternoon, sunset-time, or even very late at night (with the latest time to schedule around 3:30pm). I am a night owl by nature, and sometimes work (with some clients) exclusively at night.

Last but not least, please write-out or print out a list of (at least) 10 questions.

These are the questions you have for your SC and/or Higher Self to answer.

Some common examples are written out below so you can choose or branch off some ideas for your own inquiries.


This is a very sacred process for both you and me, so please take especially care of yourself prior to your session.

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually, will ultimately connect you better to your Higher Self. In turn, with you being able to access your scenarios more effortlessly and effectively—along with answering your questions (from your Higher Self) with much more connectivity and clarity.

Please especially ensure that you are hydrated all throughout the day.

During the day of the session also, I would recommend taking a light and/or healthy meal before our session—and, taking another meal right after the session is done. The second meal will help you ground back from being in a deep state of hypnosis.

After the session is completed, you will also be provided with a recording. Listen to it a few times, if need be.

From our training and feedback from past clients, it is advised to re-listen into the recording to better facilitate with your own healing,

and/or to re-listen to any parts you may have missed during the session.

Lastly, please do keep an open mind—and trust in the whole process.

Especially when the Subconscious or the Higher Self is in play;

you are always protected, always loved, and always guided, with what you need to do,

why you feel you need to do this, and where you need to be after this session.

Again, this is a very sacred process—even life-changing,

so please ensure you make the necessary arrangements and/or preparations prior to your session.


A list of (at least) ten questions to ask your SC would be highly recommended to bring into your session.

Please also write out or print out those questions if you can.

Some questions may include:



What is my purpose?

What can I do to attain more success and/or more abundance into my life?

What can I do to alleviate my current-physical symptoms and/or related discomforts?

There are certain people in my life that just feels so familiar to me, but can't figure out why (from family members, friends, colleagues, etc.). What is my connection to them?


I have met someone who I consider to be my one and true romantic Soulmate—even perhaps, a Twin Flame.

Is this true? What is my actual connection to them?

I constantly attract the same-toxic relationship and/or karmic partner in my life—over and over again.

Why is this? Is this from a past life, or just a lesson that I need to overcome?


What can I do to better improve my living conditions? (New house, better apartment, live somewhere else, etc.). 


What specific job, career, or even volunteer work, should I look into—and is actually, truly meant for me?


I have eczema, psoriasis, burns, rashes, and certain skin conditions that could be linked to my habits (even diets).

What can I do better to alleviate them? Even get rid of them?


I need help from an addiction (or a certain-maladaptive behavior) that is taking over my life.

I am basically just, "stuck"—and need to know what I can do to get over this vicious cycle?

Why am I drawn to certain people, places, things, interests, and even certain-historical time periods?

Why do I have this consistent longing into researching other worlds, other dimensions, parallel lifetimes, or other realities beyond ours?

Why do I have this longing?

Why am I so different from other people?


I have an interest in prophecies—and have been dreaming this “Event,” or this New Earth taking place (from my intuition, visions, and premonitions).

Why am I being shown this constantly, or being guided to this all the time? Any reason why this keeps coming up?


I have experienced so many difficulties and losses in my life.

What are the reasons behind those experiences?


In terms of finding forgiveness and/or closure (to certain things, places, and people who have done me wrong),

what can I do to let go—or finally achieve that closure?

What is hindering me from taking that next step into my life?

What should I do next?


When you start seeing the visuals, the sensations, or the feelings, simply describe them to me. They should come-in automatically and effortlessly. Do not doubt them, and do not doubt yourself. Have faith in knowing that you are being shown your scenarios for a reason. Trust yourself and trust the process.

Be open to the process. Be open to where the SC (or your Higher Self) will lead you.

It could be in a past life, a future life, or somewhere just totally unexpected. Expected the unexpected.

As trained and certified QHHT® practitioners as well,

we can only guide you to the scenarios where you are appropriately needed (or absolutely supposed to be) in your hypnosis state;

and eventually to your SC (and/or the Higher Self)—as safely, effectively, and efficiently as we can.


In that sense, we do not tell our clients what to do. We only guide and suggest you to help you reach your scenarios—and eventually into your SC (based upon your needs and your list of questions). Ultimately again, you are the one that will get to answer your own questions.

From that perspective, you will be able to find solutions best suited for you, and only you.

Answering questions to physical symptoms for example—if the mind can make the body sick, it can also have the ability to heal.

Not only will we guide you onto your own healing,

but to receiving ethereal insights and nonpareil answers from the Higher Self, is just an icing on the cake.

Although some sessions are not always guaranteed to be successful, this is still a very sacred process for us;

and we do our very best (as practitioners) into having the patience, the time, and the professional care for all of our clients.

It is always our ethical duty to protect and serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Because QHHT® has been developed for over four decades, there are certain safeguards and fail-safes to make this experience as safely, and as comfortably, and and successfully as it can be.


Whatever that you wish to address into the session that is affecting your life now, we can do that;

reaching the true-somnambulistic state (of trance) and thereby, accessing the Subconscious and even into the Superconscious.


QHHT® has produced many-great and positive results from this—and the clients themselves

will be taken to the most appropriate time, place, and even space;

which will facilitate their most immediate (and sometimes necessary) healing,

receiving the answers that they have been longing for.

With faith, all things are possible.


There will be times when I have a gut instinct to share certain sessions online;

when there is information that might be helpful for others to listen to—or, when there is information that is crucial for the collective to disseminate.

However, I will never post any sessions without my clients' expressed permission,

nor if I feel absolutely guided to do so.

My clients' safety, confidentiality, and comfortability always come first.


Currently based in northern Glendale, Arizona.

Certified QHHT® Level-1 Practitioner; with 2+ years experienced as a Level-1 Intern Practitioner.

Based on my personal (and clinical) experience, the population of my clientèle, and my clients' experiences being reported to me in their sessions so far, I would say that my areas of interest and/or client focus would be the certain areas that I've listed below.

Relationships — Working with Twin Flames, Higher-Level Soulmates, and overcoming Karmic Relationships.

Inner Work — Helping with one's self-worth, self-exploration, and self-actualization.

Shadow Work — Overcoming setbacks, abundance blockages, karmic lessons, and cyclical patterns of addictions/dependency.

• Manifestation — Via working through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma.

Astral Travel/Projection — Traveling to the Higher Realms, The Other Side, otherworldly dimensions and realities, and Alternate Universes.

Past-Life Regressions — Journeying through past lives and understanding specific lessons and/or experiences to take away into this life.

Solution-Focused Scenarios — Finding meaning and purpose into your future lives.

You can also find and authenticate my credentials at the official QHHT® directory here.


If you have any questions, pricing details, other concerns or interests in booking a QHHT® session with me,
please email me—or message me through the Contact and Bookings page.
I would be more than happy to connect with you and assist you in the best way I can.

You can alternatively email me directly (at carlo.john@gmx.us).