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All recovery coaching sessions are 100% confidential.

Recovery coaching is an alternative service to traditional psychotherapy and/or to clinical counseling; using a strength-based and/or a solution-focused based program to promote your self-esteem, self-worth, and your ability to take action now.

Addictions and the effects of substances are real—and because I have experienced (and overcame) my own addictions and substance abuse, it is that wisdom of leading by example, that success, and my God-given calling to help others break through that cycle.

I also have clinical experience from independently facilitating psychoeducation classes (pertaining to substance abuse),

which can help me identify and relay to you common triggers, patterns, and destructive behaviors.

As a recovery coach, I can also recommend you into establishing new patterns, habits, healthy boundaries, and productive behaviors

into creating a new of way of life for yourself.

Unlike a sponsor or going through support groups such as AA or NA,

I am there right with you; completely personalized and customized to help you on your own growth and development.

The past is the past—and while I do not diagnose, nor do I judge, I focus more on what you can do now;

assisting you with practical resources, healthier and productive alternatives, and better choices to what your future holds.

That focus—my main focus, is to keep you on track;

offering clarity, taking self-responsibility, all the while empowering and encouraging what you can do for yourself.

My system is also personalized to support your own stages (and your strategies) to recovery—at your own time, at your own pace;

helping you with monitoring, time-management, and a conscientious and delicate path to sobriety.

Implements and adheres accordingly to the many-modern Code of Ethics standards and practices,

avoiding the invasion of values, attitudes, or behaviors—honoring your uniqueness of individuality.


We all need help sometimes. 

Working hard through a nine-to-five, but just leading to nowhere.

When you just can't deal with anyone anymore.

Feeling that void you can't stop,

or just can't get out.

Making that same mistake over and over, and over again;

not knowing what else to do.

Feeling hopeless,

tired, and trying so hard to forgive yourself.


the worst feeling is thinking that pain will never stop. 

When you just can't seem to get a break.

Know that, in these times of adversity,

you don't have to surrender.

That out there, there is always someone that has been through something similar;

willing to hear your story.

Someone that can help.

Know that, you don't ever have to give up.

You don't have to be alone.