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There are three sides to every story. What "he" said, what "she" said, and what really happened. With that said, it is within my deepest (and kindest) appreciation to open this blog with an open mind, and an open heart; just for you.

// Your Power of Free Will

"All humans face the ultimate concerns;" (Murdock, 2013, page 179) for one can immediately reject what they're not familiar with, and another can respond through inquiry, examination and ultimately by action. With your readings here (and anywhere else really), please be advised to use your own discernment and your own research; for your values and belief systems are your own, and no one can tell you otherwise, or ever take that away from you.

// Do We Really Know Everything?

The universe has been around for fourteen billion years; with our earth, about four-and-a-half billion. Even William Tompkins confirmed"we have two-hundred trillion galaxies out there." (Tompkins, 2017). Trillions of lifetimes. Trillions of stories. Trillions of worlds. Trillions of things we know nothing about. Even the bible describes "man was made six days after creation, about six thousand years ago" (Sarfati, 1999) and with each of us, just living a mere one hundred years or so experiencing one life. Let's do the math there.

Honestly though, do we really know everything? Are we really alone in the universe? Are the lives we live in is all that has to offer? That's up to you. It's up to me. That's up for all of us to decide because in the end, "we are the ones we've been waiting for." (Goode, n.d.).

Hopefully, the blogs and videos shared here (with some I will write myself) will offer some type of discussion to what is really out there; finding the greater truth to what and who we truly are. We are, ideas and stories at the end of the day; and no matter what our differences are, we are all here to learn our lessons and what it is to understanding our experiences. Together.

// A Special Shoutout

A special thank you goes out to a few friends of mine who have been gracious enough to not only share their time, but their efforts into assisting me into this new endeavor. Thank you specifically to Brendan Tugnao, in helping me with marketing strategies into getting this website going. Thank you also to Mateo Vengoechea, who has been a dear friend of mine since the very beginning, and has been assisting me when no one else would. Thank you brothers.

Thank you also to my extended friends in Miami and Los Angeles. You guys kill it every time and you know who you are! Also thank you to my new colleagues in counseling and life coaching. You guys continue to inspire me each and everyday.

Lastly, thank you to my family for just putting up with me going into this new endeavor. Your unconditional support is very much appreciated and will not go unreciprocated, in this life or the next. I promise you that.

// Become a Contributor

If you are interested in sharing an article, sending a donation or becoming a contributor, please connect with me if you are guided to do so. We are all in this together anyways, so please don't hesitate at all, even if it's just saying hello! You can always make a difference.

Thank you and God bless you,



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