Why I Stopped Eating Meat, and How It Has Completely Transformed My Body

Energy is a power that makes us do what we do. How we work. How we play. How we interact with each other.

In many ways, people have forgotten how to harness that power. People have forgotten—for whatever reason, whatever they take in, whether it'd be listening to music, whomever they interact with, or whatever they "consume," certainly with the foods they eat (especially on a day-to-day basis), directly affect their levels of energy; essentially changing the alchemical cells in their bodies, their minds, and ultimately their overall well-being.

// Shifting Gears

The foods that we eat, is that first energy source that we all know and love; getting us through the harshest of days, and accelerating us to perform at the peak of our abilities. Whether we are athletes, artists, or creatives alike; we all get hungry and we all need to eat. "Different kinds of foods are converted to energy at different rates, some—such as candy and other simple sugars, can give you a quick lift, while others, such as whole grains and healthy unsaturated fats—supply the reserves you'll need to draw on throughout the day." (Harvard Health Publications, n.d.). Look at it this way. You wouldn't want to fuel your Lamborghini with unleaded gas three times day (that will severely hurt your engine), so why would you do the same and try to hurt your body?

Your body is an intricate and powerful machine, so much so it can thrive and help you in accomplishing great things; but the choice is always yours, whether you want to slow it down, or take yourself to the next level.

// The Two Perspectives

I get it. I've been a meat-eater for thirty years. I know exactly how good that Korean BBQ tastes (and even the way it smells so strong and savory). Hahah. But, that's where the discussion ultimately ends for me.

Having experienced both sides of the spectrum has definitely given me some perspective; and with my wisdom (choosing between the two), can certainly offer you a choice to do something about it.

No matter who you are and where you come from—all of us, have been victims of being socially conditioned (and unfortunately being programmed at birth) to do certain things; from certain people, or even certain vices we take pleasures in (like watching television; or 'telling lies to your vision' really); but in doing your own research and your own discernment (and definitely your own choices), you have the power to change your energy in a matter of simply choosing something different, something that might potentially change the way you see your life, act in a new lifestyle, and possibly change it for the better. The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said it perfectly when he acknowledged that life is however you want it to be; for"the only constant is change" (Heraclitus, 500 B.C.) and rightfully so, what better change is the one that matters for yourself.

In all honesty, it's how it makes me feel that I realized I can no longer create reasons (or excuses) that was either neglected or socially-conditioned, that have been previously chosen for me. The charade from this matrix and the lies I set up for myself have gone on long enough. My body needed to be unplugged.

I chose not to get eczema anymore. I chose not to be tired after every meal. Not to bloated after every meal. I chose not to be tired again and again. I chose not to get sick from all the dairy products anymore. Instead, I chose±—respecting my body, and it reciprocated in kind.

The goal then, is to just present you with the information that has helped me in my journey; helping you see and benefit from another perspective, hopefully setting you free.

(Notice the difference of auras or energetic levels from these different foods; shot using Kirlian photography).

// The Missing Links

That choice, also changed the way my mind processed information far more quickly; for studies of elevated mood (or higher vibrations) and "other studies have examined the relationship between meat consumption and mental health." (Beezhold, Radnitz and Rinne, 2015, page 293). Finally, there was a clear connection now linking to these 'feelings;' for depression to nausea "as well as prolonged psychological stress (led) to activated inflammatory pathways in the brain; (and) inflammation is accompanied by melancholic symptoms or what is termed ‘sickness behavior’ characteristic in mood disorders." (Beezhold, Radnitz and Rinne, 2015, page 293).

Eating meat (especially processed meats) sourced from a being that had been mutilated (and mind you, tortured all their lives) simply transferred that cellular energy into their bodies, and into yours. It really stays with you and what they express in 'you are what you eat' is absolutely exact; for feelings of compassion, virtue and forgiveness are all inherent in each and every one of us.

The exposure of highly-toxic chemicals was also something my body could no longer tolerate; having been to the hospital twice for bronchitis (for yes, I was a smoker as well). Battling through eczema without knowing dairy was actually the cause of, didn't help the cause either. Such disturbing components in meat included "antibiotic residue, hormones, saturated fat, trans-fats, endotoxins, cholesterol, Neu5Gc, heterocyclic amines and contaminants such as high levels of metals including copper and arsenic" (Vegan Bodybuilding, 2017) which can risk another trip the hospital sometime in the future (for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are the main dangers to meat-eaters) and that experience in itself was something I will not put myself through; or to my family, or to any one of my loved ones ever again.

Wanting that one selfish choice to satisfy a single taste in my mouth was not reason enough; because in all honestly, it's not about me anymore.

// The Science (from Spirit Science)

For an in-depth, scientific introduction to how meat can affect you, please watch the first video.

The second video provides a further examination of dairy products as well.

// The Choice Is Always Yours

The choice for you, is always yours of course.

If you do continue to eat meat (especially processed meats), please just be advised of what choice your making. Of course, animals don't have that luxury of a 'choice;' for "nine billion farmed animals are killed for food each year in the United States" (Mercy for Animals, 2017) and there are "zero federal laws protecting animals on factory farms." (Mercy for Animals, 2017). You can make the ethical choice for them too.

Every meal is a life worth saved; and because of that, you really can make a difference.

It start with you at the end of the day. Always know to think for yourself first, and what type of energy you choose to embody. Know whatever choice you make is the one that you truly know for yourself, and no one else. Any action you take then is the difference into where you want stand in the world; for you have the energy, the power, to change the world as it is and how it can be, one meal at a time.

Thank you and God bless you,



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