Six Things to Know about Karma and Relationships

Every day, sparks are ignited between two people. Good chemistry with another person can be intense in itself. When those sparks are flying, you might feel your heart beat faster and your palms become sweatier. They’re at the forefront of your time and your thoughts, and this is a normal and beautiful experience.

But on a rare occasion, two individuals come together and experience a soul connection. These souls feel a strong bond between one another which is called a karmic bond.

A karmic bond can occur for a number of reasons such as past life trauma, unresolved emotions, unlearned lessons, or an ongoing agreement for further learning and growth. But in all cases, a karmic bond is a result of a past-life connection. This means that you’ve actually known this person before but in previous lives.

When you have this connection with an individual, everything seems to be amplified. Not only do you get all of the familiar symptoms that come with infatuation, but there’s something that goes much deeper. It’s as if you feel a magnetic pull towards this person. You feel like you’ve known them for years; even though you’ve just met and you ache to be around them, or at least in contact with them. It’s as though a part of you is longing for them to be a part of your life.

When this happens, watch out... It will rock your world.

This person will be at the forefront of your mind, and can easily take priority over other things in your life. Everything else seems to fade in importance when that person is around; and your life begins to change.

Here are a few important things to know about karmic relationships:

// Sex is Not Always The Answer!

An intense karmic connection between two people can often be mistaken for sexual energy. Although sometimes this is the case, (and) at other times, it’s not. Take the time to seriously get to know someone before sleeping with them—especially if there is a karmic connection.

Just because your souls go way back into past lives does not mean that there is a loving, or supportive connection between the two of you.

The connection could just as easily be negative and harmful.

I’ve had many clients hop into bed with someone who they felt so strongly about; only to regret it later because that person turned out to be very toxic and harmful.

When there is “unfinished business” between two souls, it means that the relationship was left open, so to speak. There could be unresolved emotions between you, unlearned lessons, or other energies. But an “open” relationship will always require some sort of action on your part. I will explain this in the next point.

// Take Action

If there are unresolved energies between both parties, then it means that something needs to be done about it. It would not be left open without good reason.

Sometimes, there is a healing that needs to take place; an understanding of who that person is and who you truly are, or sometimes it’s left open so that you can have a deep and meaningful relationship in this life.

The pull is often incredibly strong and can easily cloud your judgement, but make an effort to maintain clarity as best you can. Ask yourself these questions: What is the logical next step for your relationship with this person? Are they supportive, or are they pulling you away from the things and people you love? What is the best way for you to continue?

// Stay Grounded and Maintain Clarity

There is a ton of literature online about twin flames and soulmates. (Without going into great detail, a soulmate is someone that comes from the same soul family as you; or presents a great lesson to be learned. A twin flame is your soul’s counterpart). While all of it is very romantic, it may also have no real world value. Whether that person is (actually) a soulmate or a twin flame, has as much importance as you place on it.

Just because a person is a twin flame or soulmate does not make for a happy ending. It can be the opposite. Twin flames are there to challenge you beyond all measure. This can make for a beautiful and harmonious relationship, or a precarious one.

What is important, is that you’re the judge. You need to decide (with a clear mind) whether this is a welcome and loving influence in your life or not.

Once The Karma is Complete, The Sparks Fizzle (This is a Good Thing!)

Love never dies. Infatuation does.

Although the pull towards that person can be immensely strong, once the karma is complete between you, that pull subsides and you will feel only love for them.

This means that once an understanding of that person’s purpose in your life has been gained, that magnetic pull fizzles; and you experience the deep love that exists between you.

This deep love doesn’t necessarily mean that this person even needs to be in your life anymore because they’re kept deeply in your heart.

If you’re in a relationship with a person that you have a strong karmic bond with, and you achieve this deep understanding and balance, the karma (of) your relationship will take on a new level; of depth and love. It progresses into new stages of growth.

The reality is, that many couples don’t stick around long enough to achieve this understanding and level of growth. Their partners challenge them so greatly that they jump ship before achieving a greater understanding. Other times, couples do stay together; and the lesson continues to present itself, but both partners are so deeply stuck in their own patterns that they don’t give themselves an opportunity to grow from the experience.

If you find that your partner is challenging you, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” (and) “What lesson is this person teaching me?”

Remember that your partner is in your life right now for a reason. It’s up to you to find that reason and appreciate it.

// Taking Responsibility

That strong karmic pull can be one-sided. There are times when one person feels the immensely strong connection and the other person does not. This is caused when one person has created a one-sided agreement in a past life, or when the other partner has ended the past-life contract and moved on.

That being said, in all cases, you are responsible for your own feelings: the emotions, the fears, the lessons, the strong pull towards them—they’re all there because of you. Nothing they do can change your feelings because, well, they’re your feelings. You decide what to do with them.

So whether your partner is challenging you or you’re feeling that gigantic pull towards someone else, it’s up to you to decide what is best for you; to deal with your feelings, and to see the lesson that is being presented to you.

// End The Fantasy

No relationship is perfect. I promise you that you will never find a relationship that is 100% positive, all the time. Every relationship has its challenges.

Twin flames, soulmates, karmic bonds… they’re (all) beautiful connections, but none offer a pleasure only path. Being in a relationship with my twin flame for almost seven years has taught me that. These people with whom we are deeply connected will offer us new opportunities, profound lessons, and massive challenges. It’s all part of the story between you. It’s up to you to maintain your well-being throughout it.


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Danielle Fagan is an author, spiritual teacher and educator. She has worked one-on-one with hundreds of clients; and helped them develop a healthier-mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Danielle strives to empower others through her many workshops, seminars and articles and recently published book, "Infinite Kingdom." Danielle is a certified practitioner of reiki, emotion code and soul realignment.

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