Terms and Conditions


All services are available to all individuals—18 years and older.

All coaching, recovery coaching, and QHHT® sessions are 100% confidential.

If you are under 18 years old, and would like to have a life coaching session (excluding recovery coaching and/or QHHT® sessions), you must provide me with a signature from your parent (and/or a legal guardian) included in your consent form—authorizing your session.

Personal information from my clients (such as their real name, age, home address, date of birth, etc.) will never be disclosed—unless it is already disclosed from my client's behalf, renamed to protect their anonymity, and/or if is authorized with their complete-expressed consent (through public testimonials, feedback comments, or blog contributions).

When it comes to QHHT® sessions (and the brevity of the information that is carried and presented), I may be guided to request some information to be released through my YouTube channel—authorized and permitted of course, with my clients' complete-expressed consent. This is because generalized information within QHHT® sessions are extremely beneficial to many, many people. But again, no personal information will ever be disclosed (including my clients' real names, ages, home address, birthdays, etc.). This is an ethical matter that I take very seriously.

Even though Carlo John is continuing his Master's degree program in counseling—per gaining his own Licensed Professional Counseling (or LPC) certification, and is also educated under Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors, his knowledge, application, and overall practice from all his services, are only complimentary (and are considered alternatives) to that of licensed, behavioral health care professionals.

I take extreme care, effort, and compassion for all of my clients—but these services are not for everyone. Therefore, myself and all representatives and contributors from The Crossover, cannot assume and shall not be liable for any actions directed from my clients (and also potential clients prior to-and during his consultations); from either injury, and/or loss, in connection therewith.

Your overall health and wellness are always important to me—and if you have any specific questions or concerns in which you do or may need to require any professional and/or medical attention (immediate or persisting), please do consult with your licensed health care physician first. Also be advised to never disregard any medical prescriptions (and recommendations) from your health care professional, or delay to such in seeking any other information or recommendation(s), regardless of the information offered and provided here. Trust yourself first.

I take special care, attention, diligence, and extreme effort into the work I do—but there are limitations to every service. The services provided to you, can only take you to how far you want to go. That includes QHHT® sessions. I can only do so much; given also my training and my certifications, what I am limited to, before and during the sessions.

Please be also aware, that if you do decide to disclose any sensitive information that may surface a certainty of emotions—being that is pertinent to a particular discussion, or even may sometimes be necessary to facilitate the session (in any way, shape, or form), there might be some triggers or discomforts associated with that disclosure. Again, I will do my very best to take care of my clients according to the training, the limitations, the ethical standards (and lawful statutes), and the certifications I have received.

The only time where there would be a breach of confidentiality is through the use of informed consent; whereas the client is purposefully a danger to himself and to others, or is in an absolute state of committing such danger(s). Proper authorities will be then notified, according to in-state and federal regulations. Another exception is from a court order. This might be a possibility if a person's mental health came into questioning during such legal proceedings; in which such extreme necessity of information is required by law. Please do make all the considerations (within all your capabilities) in making such decision(s) to disclose such sensitive information.

All purchases from of any of my services (once the sessions are completed), are non-refundable.

Refunds are available, however. If client has paid for a service, and that service itself has not been completed prior to the scheduled appointment, a refund request can be granted. Also, in an event of an emergency where a client is unavailable for the scheduled appointment, a rescheduling of a later date is also possible. 


I value all the artistic and creative production that this website represents. Unless otherwise credited to, contributed, or in concurrence to fair use, all of the images and/or photographic stills are produced by Carlo John—alongside with the assistance from his affiliates and contributors that have provided us with their complete-expressed consent. I thank wholeheartedly all of those who have assisted me in making this website as uniquely presentable, as best as it can possible be; and if you would like to be credited for other works that is otherwise not referenced, unaccounted or unaccredited for, please contact me for any concerns or confirmation(s) to your work.

Please always use your own discernment. This site disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy and the availability of any information, content, and materials, found on other sites linking to and/or from my website. This is especially concordant as the views and opinions expressed by individuals from shared blogs (and contributors) do not necessarily reflect the views and ethical values of myself, my business(es) and my affiliates as well. I also cannot ensure your fulfillment with any product or service(s) that you have purchased from any third-party website that links to and/or from the website or any third-party information, contents, or materials contained in our website.


The terms and conditions designated here (and also attached to our non-disclosure/consent agreement) are effective until terminated by either you or me. You may terminate these terms and conditions prospectively at any time by discontinuing your access to, and the use of my website and its services thereafter.

All terms and conditions are updated (and in effect) as of April 17th, of 2017.